1011, 2017

First Chapter of “The Dreaming Tree”, Matthew Mather’s next novel, due out Jan. 28, 2018

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May 4th Surgical Rehab Wing of Valhalla Corporation Manhattan, New York, present day...     “What do you mean, head replacement?” A face came into focus--a mane of shaggy gray-blond hair, with blue eyes nestled [...]

2008, 2015

NOMAD gets into top 100 on all of Amazon

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NOMAD gets into top 100 on all of Amazon! Awesome! Thanks so much everyone that helped in the launch!

1408, 2015

Real-world encounters with alien stars

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NOMAD Matthew Mather Before writing my newest book Nomad (just released August 12th)I spent months talking to astronomers and astrophysicists to build up the science behind the encounter I envisioned. At first, the physicists [...]

1705, 2015

SHAKESPEARE system for helping authors figure out self-publishing

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I get a lot of requests from new authors looking for tips and advice on how to navigate the self-publishing book market. I created this document to summarize the approach that worked for me in getting started.

1505, 2015

My new Darknet novel not just fiction

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While my new novel Darknet is a work of fiction, on Feb.26th 2015, just when Darknet was being published, the real-life world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater announced that it was pursuing its own artificial intelligence program.