How Space and Cyberspace are Merging to Become the Primary Battlefield of the 21st Century

(Originally appearing in Space Quarterly Magazine, Mar.15th, 2013) (click here for PDF version) CYBERSPACE AND OUTER space are merging to become the primary battlefield for global power in the 21st century. Both space and cyberspace systems are critical in enabling modern warfare—for strike precision, navigation, communication, information gathering—and it therefore makes sense to speak of [...]

Atopia and Armageddon

Seeing as today is the day-to-end-all-days according to the Maya, I thought I'd throw down a little on my ideas regarding Armageddon and how it related to the development of Atopia. As Jarrod Diamond illustrated so effectively in his book “Collapse”, complex societies in the past have almost all collapsed as a result of the [...]

When will electric cars outsell gas powered ones again?

So when will electric cars again outsell gar powered ones in the future? Whenever it is, it wouldn't be the first time electric cars have outsold gasoline powered cars. In fact, the first “cars” were electric, some of the first constructed by New England inventor Thomas Davenport in 1834, and up until 1900, electric cars [...]