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The Dystopia Chronicles (Atopia Series Book 2)

The second book in the bestselling Atopia series.

Cast out from Atopia, Robert Baxter undertakes a globe-trotting quest to find his friend Willy’s lost body, which just may hold the key to understanding the dangers facing his home…and Jimmy Scadden’s role in the disasters that are spreading across the world.

As Robert pieces together the puzzle, he realizes that mankind’s ravenous consumption of natural resources is no longer the most immediate threat to this world. As full-scale global war erupts and an ancient apocalyptic threat resurfaces, Robert must risk losing the ones he loves to save the planet from destruction.

A great sequel for Atopia Chronicles. I really enjoyed the first book, so I’ve been eagerly waiting for Dystopia. I received an advanced copy for review, and it was really an exciting book to read.

Be warned though, it is quite a complicated story line and a lot of details, so you really have to pay attention to what’s going on while reading. With that said, Matthew Mather really is a master of complexity, and he really pulls it off well.

The author’s writing has improved quite a bit since Atopia, and has really improved upon some of the weaknesses. Atopia was really entertaining, had a strong start, and great finish, but it was a bit slow around the first half. In Dystopia, he paces the story well so that it’s really fin to read the whole way through. I feel that his character development as also improved, so that it really is a much richer story compared to the first book.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Atopia, but I’m just excited to see that the story just gets better and more interesting.

I really cannot wait till the third installment!

Jae Lee