My new Darknet novel not just fiction…

While my new novel Darknet is a work of fiction, on Feb.26th 2015, just when Darknet was being published, the real-life world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater announced that it was pursuing its own artificial intelligence program. This was an absolutely stunning revelation as I’d spent three years researching and coming up with the idea behind Darknet, [...]

My new Darknet novel not just fiction…2018-02-20T07:40:01-05:00

CyberStorm acquired by 20th Century Fox

Wow. That's about what comes to mind, I am still slightly in shock. Yesterday my agents (I still like saying that :)) closed a deal for 20th Century Fox to acquire CyberStorm for turning it into a film--the only details of which I can reveal are that it's a "major" deal. This caps quite [...]

CyberStorm acquired by 20th Century Fox2013-07-12T07:02:10-04:00

The Phuture this week

This week on PhutureNews featured some interesting headlines from all walks of life. In 2053, most of the residents of the East Coast of the United States suffered temporary amnesia when their cloud memory providers and brain firmware providers' updates were botched. Unsettlingly, in Wyoming in 2022 the first human sacrifices to videogame gods are [...]

The Phuture this week2018-02-20T07:40:02-05:00
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