Wow. That’s about what comes to mind, I am still slightly in shock. Yesterday my agents (I still like saying that :)) closed a deal for 20th Century Fox to acquire CyberStorm for turning it into a film–the only details of which I can reveal are that it’s a “major” deal.

This caps quite the amazing adventure since I first self-published CyberStorm a little over three and a half months ago. It has steadily climbed in sales, now at #1 in the sci-fi and tech-thriller categories, outselling even World War Z and Ender’s Game despite their marketing budgets – amazing what word-of-mouth can do!

Of course, this may just be the start. Now I’m getting inundated by waves of emails…so we’ll have to see where this leads! Will just have to sit back and take it all in…

Thank you to everyone who helped me along on this journey!!