For any of you that might be interested, in the next week you can witness, hour-by-hour, the launch of a new indie book by a best-selling, self-pubbed author – and by that, I mean me! I am launching my newest novel, CyberStorm, next Friday, March.15th, and you’re all invited for a personal seat at the party!

I just created a new author Facebook page,

In the next six days, leading up to the launch on Mar.15th, I have a series of promotional and PR activities planned with a small PR firm I hired to help me with the launch, as well as talking and working with over 100 beta readers who helped me to get the book out and over 50 media and bloggers who received advance copies of the book.

I will provide an unflinching look into the tools, tricks, things that work and don’t, and will provide an hour-by-hour sales update as I do the launch over the weekend.

Just “like” the Facebook author page, and you’ll get a front row seat…