New York goes dark in the dead of winter…

Now in development for film by 20th Century Fox,CyberStorm is a worldwide bestseller, a new apocalyptic disaster classic in the spirit of On the Beach, Alas Babylon, One Second After, and Lucifer’s Hammer that will appeal to fans of Tom Clancy and Brad Thor.

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Also available, BOOK 2 of the World War C Trilogy

A new future war unleashed. An event that will forever change the world.

China and Russia threaten America not to intervene as simmering tensions between India and Pakistan escalate. One after the other, missiles are launched that destroy satellites in orbit…

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Out Now, BOOK 3 of the World War C Trilogy!

International borders slammed shut. Communications wrecked.

GPS signals non-existent. Worldwide power blackouts.

The planet balances on the edge of chaos.

Chechen separatists destroyed thousands of satellites in orbit, the effects crippling the world’s militaries. Power and communications failures sweep the planet, while emergency services are hobbled as fires and powerful storms rip across America.

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