Real-world encounters with alien stars

NOMAD Matthew Mather Before writing my newest book Nomad (just released August 12th)I spent months talking to astronomers and astrophysicists to build up the science behind the encounter I envisioned. At first, the physicists said the event would totally destroy the Earth, but slowly, I managed to piece together a physics-based scenario where it [...]

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My new Darknet novel not just fiction

While my new novel Darknet is a work of fiction, on Feb.26th 2015, just when Darknet was being published, the real-life world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater announced that it was pursuing its own artificial intelligence program.

My new Darknet novel not just fiction2018-02-20T07:40:01-05:00

The Birth of the New Book Market

Yesterday, I watched a documentary about the rise and fall of Napster, and it made me think. It made me think of how good things are for indie writers in the new digital book world.

The Birth of the New Book Market2018-02-20T07:40:01-05:00

The Third Way of Book Publishing

When it comes to book publishing, traditionally published authors, as John Green has said, tend to favor the Big Five. Self-published authors pull for their side, as Brenna Aubrey convincingly illustrated in her article.

The Third Way of Book Publishing2018-02-20T07:40:01-05:00
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