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Books translated into 16 languages and CyberStorm now in development for film by 20th Century Fox

CyberStorm acquired by 20th Century Fox

Wow. That's about what comes to mind, I am still slightly in shock. Yesterday my agents (I still like saying that :)) closed a deal for 20th Century Fox to acquire CyberStorm for turning it into a film--the only details of which I can reveal are that it's a "major" deal. http://www.deadline.com/2013/07/cyberstorm-fox-movie-rights-matthew-mather-chernin-entertainment/ This caps quite [...]

CyberStorm acquired by 20th Century Fox2013-07-12T07:02:10-04:00

How fear creates beauty

Been reading some very interesting stuff on "fear landscapes"...http://www.cof.orst.edu/leopold/papers/Laundre_etal2010.pdf Basic idea is that the classic concept of a predator changing the ecosystem by culling prey isn't really correct - the much more significant factor is just the *idea* of a predator being nearby changes the behavior of potential prey. They don't go and graze in [...]

How fear creates beauty2013-07-04T10:54:01-04:00

How Space and Cyberspace are Merging to Become the Primary Battlefield of the 21st Century

(Originally appearing in Space Quarterly Magazine, Mar.15th, 2013) (click here for PDF version) CYBERSPACE AND OUTER space are merging to become the primary battlefield for global power in the 21st century. Both space and cyberspace systems are critical in enabling modern warfare—for strike precision, navigation, communication, information gathering—and it therefore makes sense to speak of [...]

How Space and Cyberspace are Merging to Become the Primary Battlefield of the 21st Century2018-02-20T07:40:02-05:00

CyberStorm is released!

CyberStorm is now live and available for download! http://www.amazon.com/CyberStorm-ebook/dp/B00BT4QRHG If you want to follow all the release action, watch my Facebook page - www.facebook.com/author.matthew.mather The book is already getting rave reviews! “Wow! Entralling! CyberStorm is a must read...this book is such a page turner. I couldn't wait to see what happened next!” – Adria Fraser, book [...]

CyberStorm is released!2018-02-20T07:40:02-05:00

Join an inside, hour-by-hour view into the launch of a new indie book…

For any of you that might be interested, in the next week you can witness, hour-by-hour, the launch of a new indie book by a best-selling, self-pubbed author - and by that, I mean me! I am launching my newest novel, CyberStorm, next Friday, March.15th, and you're all invited for a personal seat at the [...]

Join an inside, hour-by-hour view into the launch of a new indie book…2018-02-20T07:40:02-05:00

CyberStorm update…and prologue!

Phew. It has been a rough couple of weeks, so I haven't posted anything in a while, but now gearing up for the launch of CyberStorm on March 15th. I thought I would share the prologue with everyone! CyberStorm -- Prologue IN THE DIM light I could see five people huddled together in the bare [...]

CyberStorm update…and prologue!2018-02-20T07:40:02-05:00

CyberStorm is going to beta…

I am happy to announce that I've finished writing CyberStorm, the sort-of prequel to Atopia. At 440 pages in the raw first draft it is a pretty good size, and I'm going to try and work it down to under 400 to keep the story tight. Next weekend I will be releasing a draft to [...]

CyberStorm is going to beta…2013-01-14T22:53:09-05:00

Atopia and Armageddon

Seeing as today is the day-to-end-all-days according to the Maya, I thought I'd throw down a little on my ideas regarding Armageddon and how it related to the development of Atopia. As Jarrod Diamond illustrated so effectively in his book “Collapse”, complex societies in the past have almost all collapsed as a result of the [...]

Atopia and Armageddon2018-02-20T07:40:02-05:00

The Phuture this week

This week on PhutureNews featured some interesting headlines from all walks of life. In 2053, most of the residents of the East Coast of the United States suffered temporary amnesia when their cloud memory providers and brain firmware providers' updates were botched. Unsettlingly, in Wyoming in 2022 the first human sacrifices to videogame gods are [...]

The Phuture this week2018-02-20T07:40:02-05:00

You are already part machine – proprioperception

I’ve had many readers who have wanted more detail on my idea of how humans and machines will merge. It seems farfetched, but I have news for you all. You are already part machine. Let me explain. One of the central goals of my novel Atopia was to tell the story of of humans and [...]

You are already part machine – proprioperception2018-02-20T07:40:02-05:00
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